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fika - a cornerstone of Swedish culture

[/'fi:ka:/ | fee-ka] noun
Fika is the name given to a break for coffee and a bite to eat, a moment's relaxation and reflection with friends or family or colleagues, and a time to step away from work and reconnect with one-another.

BBC short documentary about fika traditions

Fika events for improved conversations

Join upcoming events and make new connections - or create, schedule, and host as many or as few events as you like - public or private. Attendees can RSVP online or sign-in live at event time. Fika creates links for your event that are easily shared via email or social media.

Everyone gets a chance to connect! Fika creates comfortably-sized conversation rounds that maximize time to talk with as many people as possible.

No stressful upfront planning, and no relying on 'random' functions that aren't really random. Click one button, and the groups are assigned and ready.

Ready for virtual, in-person, or hybrid

Fika is flexible! Originally developed to track and encourage conversation in-person - we have found via video conferencing or a hybrid you can still have face-to-face interactions, and all the added benefits of connecting with real people rather than their social media personas.

For fully virtual events, our platform augments the video conferencing software you already use:

Google Meet / Duo
Microsoft Teams
And more!

We securely track time well spent together to encourage follow-up conversations and fostering new friendships!


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