[/'fi:ka:/ | fee-ka] noun
In Sweden, fika is the name given a break for coffee and a bite to eat, a moment's relaxation and reflection with friends or family or colleagues, and a time to step away from screens and reconnect with one-another.

Our Recipe for Good fika

1. Grab your favourite beverage

2. Collect a diverse group of people

3. Start with an unstructured conversation

4. Use breakout rooms or separate tables to dive into the topics that come up

5. Follow up with the interesting people you've met

6. Have Fika with the smaller groups or individuals you connected with


How Do I fika?

The Fika platform fosters connections for conversation with any of these platforms:

In-Person (if safe to do so!)
Google Meet / Google Duo
Microsoft Teams
Slack Call
And many many more...