Two ways to Fika - attend or host events

It's all about creating face-to-face connections!

Attend a Fika Event

1. Grab your favourite beverage

2. Chat and meet a diverse group of people, nearby or around the world!

3. Start with an unstructured conversation - how's the weather?

4. Join suggested breakout rooms or separate tables to dive into the topics that come up

5. Follow up with the interesting people you've met

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Host a Fika Event
Create and share your event

Using Fika host tools, set up a list of attendees or have them sign-up as they join the event.

Promote your event! Fika can send email invitations or you can easily share a link to RSVP or immediately join an event underway.

Start the event

Welcome your attendees! If your event includes people meeting for the first time, a round of introductions is recommended.

Open the host tools and create your first conversation round.

Conversation rounds

Fika breaks your big room full of attendees into comfortably-sized groups of 3 to 5 participants. Present the round placements to the larger group and ask them to move to separate tables or video conferencing breakout rooms.

Main Session
Brendan Lynch
Robin Caldwell
Anthony Bender
Room 1
Pippa Rice
Dan Lynch
Lillian Ellis
Room 2
Roman Blackwell
Adrian Odling
Tianna Bradford
Room 3
Kristina Petty
Bryan Evans
Lukas Serrano
Room 4
Milly Logan
Francis Hicks
Zara Roth
Room 5
Vincent Stewart
Alesha Ferrell
Albert Pearson

After a few minutes chatting, invite everyone back to the main group.


When you make a new round, Fika works to create new and varied groups. Typically over the course of an event, everyone will have had a chance to chat with everyone else!

After the event

Follow up with the interesting people you've met! Share the event summary Fika provides with the list of attendees and the round placements. Encourage follow-up conversations so people can dive into topics that grabbed their shared interest they wish to explore further.

Create more events

Invite people back and encourage attendees share to their contacts and friends.


Contact us to get started and host your first Fika event!