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In our hyper-connected world, reports of social isolation and issues around online trust have now become commonplace. The promises of the internet, real-time social networks, and databases of knowledge have been corrupted by fake information and manipulated data.

People desire to help others, want to share what they know, and love to pay it forward. Genuine social contact results in a boost in overall health and well-being and creates a sense of belonging and community.

How can we capture and enforce trust between connected people and the information they possess while encouraging and rewarding in-person interactions and experiences?

fika - A Cornerstone of Swedish Culture

fika is the name given to a break for coffee and a bite to eat, a moment's relaxation and reflection with friends or family or colleagues, and a time to step away from screens and reconnect with one-another.

During a trip to Stockholm, fika's founders found this tradition to be one of the more important and talked about parts of Sweden's innovative culture - grabbing every opportunity for conversation and knowledge sharing... enhanced by a little caffeine and some cinnamon flavoured incentive. We call it Beverage Driven Innovation.

Sometimes the best ideas, information, sentiment, and body language can only be conveyed face-to-face. Take your conversation offline, creating and strengthening relationships in real life!

The Blockchain Built on Human Trust & Time Well Spent

fika is an online platform that assists users in making trusted real-world connections. Welcoming places and events are listed and users can visit and meet someone new! Have a conversation - or a debate - sharing knowledge, discussing topics of mutual interest, learning about each other, and building trust.

To verify and strengthen these connections, users are encouraged to put down their devices - the devices and the venue detect they have been put away and time well spent is converted into rewards.

Venues and hosts define and track rewards that are beneficial to their mission or business. Real connections have more value than virtual connections, and repeat meetings can have same-venue incentives like free coffees or other added benefits than can be unlocked over time. In return, venues receive analytics and list data that could be put to work in marketing or strengthening customer relationships.

To record these interactions, fika introduces the Trustchain protocol that gives each person their own blockchain in which transactions are confirmed by cryptographic signatures from all involved parties. Trustchain readily scales and payloads can be public or private depending on data requirements.

Importantly, the fika Trustchain replaces the wasteful proof-of-work computing typical of blockchain with encouraging, measuring, and rewarding real-life face-to-face human connections and time shared in conversation and healthy activity away from screens. Transactions can be verified using device proximity, GPS and activity data, and measuring the time shared with others.

AI = Augmented Intelligence

While fika relies on human validation of knowledge and transactions, initial data verification can be performed by trained algorithms such as computer vision and classification. Take for example verifying photographic proof of a face-to-face meeting. fika includes a Neural Net Classifier to provide an additional vote of confidence that photos fit a definition of 'fika' - perhaps cups of coffee, a cafe setting, or the faces of people who met.

If this proof is valid, it is then queued for human review and approval. So, humans always stay in the loop to finalize blocks and ensure trust in the system.

Powered by FindNext™

The founders of fika built FindNext - tools and apps to allow easy connections and collaboration between people searching for information online. Web search quickly using more than one engine or resource, add custom engines and links, and describe and chat about what you're looking for should you hit a dead end or need a helping hand. Over time, FindNext learns your interests and expertise and recommends like-minded people and searches for you to assist with and build a strong profile of knowledge and a trusted crowd.

FindNext is available on the App Store today! Create your profile and begin using the app for your daily web searches and browsing to begin making connections...

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