The Fika Team

Brendan Lynch
Co-Founder & CTO

Dan Lynch, MASc, P. Eng.
Co-Founder & Senior Technology Advisor

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Why Fika?

During a trip to Stockholm, Fika's founders found the tradition to be one of the more important and talked about parts of Sweden's innovative culture - grabbing every opportunity for conversation and knowledge sharing... enhanced by a little caffeine and some cinnamon flavoured incentive. We call it Beverage Driven Innovation.

In our hyper-connected world, reports of social isolation and issues around online trust have now become commonplace. The promises of the internet, real-time social networks, and databases of knowledge have been corrupted by fake information and manipulated data.

People desire to help others, want to share what they know, and love to pay it forward. Genuine social contact results in a boost in overall health and well-being and creates a sense of belonging and community.

Fika captures and enforces trust between connected people and the information they possess while encouraging and rewarding real-person interactions and experiences!

We prototyped and tested the value of real conversations via 'Fika Friday' - a series of Friday morning gatherings where people would chat over a cup of coffee. Participants were later connected via email to continue their conversations. But, in the face of COVID-19 we had to move quickly and take these events online.

Now Fika is ready for all of your events no matter if virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the two.

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