The Blockchain Built on Human Trust & Time Well Spent

Fika is an online platform that assists users in making trusted real-world connections. Welcoming events are listed and users can participate and meet someone new! Have a conversation - or a debate - sharing knowledge, discussing topics of mutual interest, learning about each other, and building trust.

Event hosts define and track rewards that are beneficial to their mission or business. Connections are given a value, and follow-on conversations can have incentives like free coffees or other added benefits to unlock over time. In return, hosts receive analytics and email list data that could be put to work in marketing or strengthening customer relationships.

To verify and strengthen these connections, users are encouraged to put down any devices that might distract - if you opt-in, we can detect they have been put away and time well spent is converted into rewards.

To record these interactions, Fika introduces the Trustchain protocol that gives each person their own blockchain in which transactions are confirmed by self-sovereign cryptographic signatures from all involved parties. Trustchain readily scales and payloads can be public or private depending on data requirements.

Importantly, the Fika Trustchain replaces the wasteful proof-of-work computing typical of blockchain with encouraging, measuring, and rewarding face-to-face human connections and time shared in conversation or healthy activity with minimized screen time. Transactions can be verified using device proximity, GPS and activity data, and measuring the time well spent and shared with others.